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1025 Westminster Mall Suite #2071 Westminster, CA 92683

The store is located at upper floor inside the mall right next to Target

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Schedule an Appointment:

  • Prior to scheduling an appointment please look over our piercing policy to make sure you're prepared before your visit. We accept both cash and debit/credit card or mobile pay (Apple Pay etc..)
  • Each client must have their own appointment. Therefore, appointments cannot be combined.
  • For your safety we only pierce using our jewelry. Bringing your own jewelry will NOT be accepted for piercings.

Late Policy:

  • Due to the nature of our business, if you do not arrive at your scheduled time, your appointment slot will be filled by the next available appointment.
  •  Please make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time. We will not be responsible for you arriving late and losing your place in line. If you arrive late your spot can and will be lost.

Piercing Age Requirements:

  • Minors age 8-14 are only permitted to pierce their ear lobes
  • Minors age 15-17 are only permitted to pierce ear lobes, nose, septum, helix, flat, tragus, conch, rook, daith & belly. 
  • Minors must have a valid form of ID accompanied by parent or legal guardian with their ID per visit. 
  • Clients must be 18+ years of age with a valid form of ID. Returning clients must bring their form of ID per visit as well.

      NO EXCEPTIONS for Following:

        • Minors last name must match the parent or legal guardian they are accompanied by.
        • Guardians must have proper documentation proving their guardianship.
        • All forms of ID must be valid. (see notice top of page)
        • Expecting mothers or mothers who are nursing and or breastfeeding