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*VERY IMPORTANT* Piercer Shares 10 Steps Before You Get A Piercing

May 20, 2020 2 min read

 Today we are going to give you some tips on what you should do before coming in to get a piercing.

Step #1
Take care of things before

We recommend that if you have a certain routine whether it be a haircut, facial, doctors appointments etc. you do all that before you get a piercing. Nothing hurts more than having your hairdressers brush/comb get caught on your piercing while they're cutting/styling your hair. Don't get a piercing and then go the the doctors and have to take your fresh piercing out for an MRI, that piercing will close.

Step #2
Shower up

Take a show the night before or in the morning. This here is a very huge thing as our piercers and others we've talked to have mentioned that people don't tend to shower beforehand. Keep in mind that the piercer is going to be right next to your beautiful skin so keep it nice and clean before coming in. 

Step #3

Get a good nights sleep or a nap before you come in to get a piercing so when you come in you are relaxed and calm. Get rid of all that stress and tiredness to help your transitioning to getting piercings go smoothly.

Step #4
Eat A Meal

Yes, eating a meal before you get a piercing is very important. If you don't have anything in your stomach there is a possibility you can faint or feel sick to your stomach. So make sure you eat something before hand.

Step #5

People please stay hydrated prior to your visit. If you're dehydrated and you have cotton mouth you're going to feel like you can't even breath while getting your piercing. 

Bring a Friend

We recommend bringing a friend that is very supportive. Yes, they aren't allowed to be present in the room with you but they can definitely be supportive from the sidelines. If you bring a friend that continues to nag at you, they are going to make you very stressed before your piercing.

Ask Away

Don't be afraid to ask your piercer any questions. They are there to help you feel safe and secure while getting your piercing. Don't worry, you're not bothering your piercers with the questions running through your head you are only showing them that you actually care about your piercing.

Dress Comfy

Yes, we know after you get your piercing you are going to want to take some cute pictures and want to wear something cute. We are here to say that you definitely want to dress comfy so you're comfortable while getting your new piercing. 

Tame The Mane 

Make sure that your hair is not in the way. Do whatever you have to do to make sure it is easy for the piercer and he/she doesn't have to struggle with your hair that's in the way. 

Mentally Prepare

It doesn't matter what piercing you're getting just be sure to be mentally prepared for what is to come. If you go to a shop and aren't mentally prepared and you keep backing out keep in mind that other people are waiting as well and the piercer has other things to do. 


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