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The Origin of Lulus

May 25, 2021 1 min read


The Origin of Lulus

Lulus opened its doors in Los Angeles, California, by Lulu and Hagop Basmajian over 20 years ago. The founders started as jewelers and then expanded intothe piercing industry. The goal was to offer a family-friendly type of service that was missing in the industry. Lulus has always valued the customer's experience by providing great customer service. From the start, Lulus stood out because of the quality service/products and professionalism. Lulus popularity quickly spreadas people were recommending Lulus.

Five years later, Lulus got the opportunity to expand and open a location at the Westminister Mall. Now the founders of Lulus are retired, and their sons Harout and Jony carry on the legacy. Since the opening at the Westminister Mall, the two brothers quickly gained popularity throughout all social media platforms and attracted clients worldwide. Lulus has become much more than just a "Piercing Shop."

With quality handcrafted jewelry, the brand has ascended into a jewelry brand that does business globally, with a specialty in styling ears. Lulus has become a trendsetter and a lifestyle brand that goes beyond just piercings. Lulus celebrates its origins by making jewelry its primary focus.

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