Style Your Ear With Our Opal Collection

May 25, 2021 1 min read



Style Your Ear With Our Jewelry!

Do you like Opal Jewelry but you're not sure how to style your ear with them? Don't worry here is an opal ear to inspireyour next look!

Opal Cluster

This cluster is perfect for a conch and helix. We recommend putting this on your mid-helix to make it stand out!

Opal Trinity

This trinity is appropriate for a lobe, flat, tragus, conch, and helix piercing. Our opal trinity piece stands out among your typical stud earrings, making it perfect for any piercing!

Opal Bezel

This bezel is also a multi used jewelry. It goes perfect with the trinity! To make it more unique, we recommend putting one on each side of the trinity!


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