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5 Things I Hate About Nose Piercings

April 25, 2020 2 min read

 Today we will be sharing 5 things Harout hates about nose piercings. Before we do  please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos. Let's get started!


You Can't Pick Your Nose

That's right! We know most people at home discreetly pick their nose. We've seen people pick their nose while driving or just walking down the street. Some people use tissues and others use their finger. So, it is annoying when your nose piercing gets in they way when you're trying to dig for gold.


Can't Switch Your Jewelry Out Early

Yes, that is correct! If you switch it our early you increase your risk of getting infections, complication, irritation bumps etc. We know it sucks but you have to wait at least 6-8 months to switch it out. 


Gets Caught On Stuff

If you have a prong setting for you nose piercing it does have a high chance of getting caught to towels, shirts, bed sheets etc. If your piercing is only a few days old this will be very painful. That trauma can also cause irritation, complications, and bumps to your piercing as well. So be very cautious with it. 


Washing Your Face

You need to be cautious when you're exfoliating, using face masks, or doing a simple face wash. If it's a new piercing and your nails get caught on to it or you're too rough it will cause pain. If you have a hoop it will hurt more than having a faltback which are definitely more comfortable. We've had some cases where people have the L-Shape that completely comes out and they can't get it back in.


Being Sick Sucks...

Having a nose piercing while being sick sucks. Imagine being sick with a runny nose and you need to blow your nose but you're in pain because it's very sore. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do to make it easier. We recommend purchasing a flatback so your jewelry doesn't come out while you're blowing your nose. Just make sure you're being very cautious with it.

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