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Professional Ear Stylist Judges A-List Celebrities’ Piercings

April 02, 2020 5 min read


Yes, you guessed it! We will be judging A-list celebrities’ piercing but there’s a twist! The twist for today’s blog is that we will not be revealing the celebrities’ until we have completed judging. So comment below which celebrities’ ear style you like the most. At the end of this blog we will be revealing each celebrity so stay tuned. Let’s get started!

Celebrity #1

Celebrity #1 has a complete accessorized looks on her left ear.  Here, she has her first and second piercings on her ear lobe. She also has what we consider a helix piercing almost towards the middle of her ear. From the look here, we can tell that she has all gold hoops with real diamonds. On the upper corner of her ear, she does have a tattoo of a star. I personally feel like, she should add a gem or some sort of constellation forming upwards through out her ear. For this style she has two hoops on the bottom and another in the helix above. I feel that she should definitely enrich that empty space with a stud or two. Overall, this celebrity has a lot of room which she can work with to make additions onto her ear to style it even further.

Celebrity #2

Now, celebrity #2 has a piercing with no jewelry installed. When we personally see things like this we’re not big fans, because if you actually have piercings then you should definitely install jewelry in them. Proceeding with the jewelry she has installed in her ear, she has a moon earring in her ear lobe section, she has a ring up top in her helix, and she has three studs forming a triangle. However, we did notice one of her studs has a bit of crust towards the bottom. It is most likely dry skin or built up shampoo/conditioner. Our piercers definitely notice that a lot when they’re switching out jewelry or performing a piercing on a client. Celebrity #2 has to clean up her piercings a little bit better so the jewelry sits a little more flush to the skin. In the direction of styling, this celebrity definitely needs a jewelry update. For the three studs forming a triangle, I feel like they should all be uniform. We carry a piece,14K Yellow Gold Crystal Prong Top in 2.5mm which,  she can put in the flat piercing right on top and maybe go with bigger crystals for the bottom two flat piercings. Additionally, we would recommend removing the hoop in her helix because it looks too crowded towards the upper portion of her ear. Since she does have a lot of empty space she should probably add a conch piercing with a gemmed hinged ring to compliment what she has up in her flat piercings. Instead of the moon she should install a huggie with a pendant, then add a huggie with crystals to compliment the look. Overall, she has a really cool ear and it has a lot of potential.

Celebrity #3

Celebrity #3 has a very unique ear, as seen in the photo above it looks like she has clip on earrings. Clip on earrings are absolutely a must have if you don’t want to go through the pain of getting a piercing. It looks like all three clip ons she has are all very similar and they’re spread out among her ear lobe, mid helix, and upper helix. However, you can see the two piercings she has towards the bottom so, I would highly recommend installing actual earrings in those piercings. When you see the two piercings with no jewelry installed it doesn’t look appealing in pictures or in person. For whoever styled this ear, we definitely dig the look. Given that she doesn’t have any piercings this is definitely something simplistic. 

Celebrity #4

So the next celebrity has a very styled ear, she undeniably has a lot going on. Let’s break down the piercings she has on her ear. In the photo above she has three ear lobe piercings, four helix, one forward helix, and one tragus piercing. In the first lobe piercing it looks like she has a very intricate piece, almost looks like some sort of art piece. She then has four hoops with crystals hugging the lower end of her ear. On the tragus, forward helix, and upper part of the helix she also has hoops hugging all the areas. She clearly has a lot going on but all the hoops are very different so it gives you a very contrast feel so you don’t feel like there is a theme going on. Something we would probably do differently is leave the bottom area as hoops but change the tragus and forward helix to studs and the two upper helix as hoops but change them to something more uniform.

Celebrity #5

We absolutely adore the ear for celebrity #5. Whoever styled this ear did a marvelous job, you can see a theme going on. It seems like there are some diamonds along with some 14K gold jewelry or maybe even 18K gold because you know… Celebs got that kind of money. The only thing we would have to critique is the cluster she has on top, I would just rotate it a little so it fits flawlessly in the curve of her ear. Got no more words for this ear here, it clearly has our approval! 

Celebrity #6

This celebrity absolutely embellished her ear. Looks like she put thousands, if not millions into her ear. She has this very unique piece in her first ear lobe that looks like some sort of artwork that is encrusted with diamonds. If she were to take every other earring out and just keep that one she would absolutely make a statement. That’s like if you’re walking into a nightclub and lighting up the whole place. It’s beautiful and we love it! In her second ear lobe she also has a piece that kind of looks like a fin but it is covered in diamonds which is very unique as well. Moving upwards, she has three crystaled hoops and two larger crystaled hoops. Whoever styled her ear did an amazing job, hate to break the news to you but it definitely wasn’t us but, we wish it was. We wouldn't change a thing about this ear it is definitely a 10/10.

Now, time for the celebrity REVEAL! Let’s find out if you guessed correctly. DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

Celebrity #1 - Rihanna

Celebrity #2 - Bella Thorne

Celebrity #3 - Emma Stone

Celebrity #4 -Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity #5 - Beyonce

Celebrity #6 - Miley Cyrus

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