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Naming All The Piercings On Your Ear (GUIDE)

April 22, 2020 3 min read


Have you been wanting a piercing but don't know the correct terminology? Today we are going to go over the correct terminology for piercings. We'll be starting with the bottom of the ear and working our way up.

Ear Lobe Piercing

This piercing is the very first one many people get, it is known as the most common. The next one up would be considered the upper lobe. It's also referred to your seconds or your thirds, if you have the space. A lot of people come in and are always confused about what is considered an ear lobe piercing.


This piercing is located right underneath the tragus area. The anti-tragus is a lot bigger than the tragus and a bit thicker in size as well. This is one of the many piercings that are complicated to pierce, because it's thick it takes a longer time to heal.


The tragus piercing is located in the area where you insert your ear buds. The tragus is shaped kind of like a triangle. Whenever you're piercing this area you don't want it to be too close to the edge because it will make it more likely to reject.  If you open your mouth it creates a line by the tragus and you use that as a guide to pierce.


The daith is pierced in the image above. You want to make sure it is pierced deep enough to reach the pressure point and stabilize the piercing so it doesn't reject.


Right above the daith is a rook piercing. You want to make sure that it is pierced through the little flap only. Another thing to keep in mind is to not get this piercing on the same ear you have a daith or forward helix on because they will collide.

Forward Helix

The forward helix is located right in front of the rook piercing. When getting this piercing make sure you're getting it underneath your rook section or above it so it sits properly. We personally recommend no more than two unless you have the room for it. 


The Industrial is a bar that goes across your ear. It is a very tricky piercing so keep an eye open for a video specifically on it. Some people also call this piercing a scaffolding but it is a very rare terminology. This is also one of the most difficult piercings to heal because it is two piercings connected by a bar.


The flat piercing is located on the flat part of your ear towards the top. Its a misconception that the flat and helix piercing are the same thing but they are not. The helix is on the rim of the ear whereas the flat is more towards the center. Anything on the outside part of the ear is a helix piercing.


The snug is located around the helix and conch area. The type of jewelry installed is usually a curved barbell. Keep in mind it is a thick area so it will take a pretty long time to heal.


To conclude this ear guide we have the conch piercing. This piercing is located right through the middle of the ear. a lot of people get this piercing confused with an orbital. The difference is that the conch is pierced with a stud and goes straight through the ear, whereas the orbital is two piercings connected by a hoop.

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