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Ear Stylist Shows Off Different Hoop Earrings You Can Use

April 22, 2020 3 min read

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Today we’re going to be talking about the different types of hoop earrings you can use for certain piercings. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and help us reach 500K subscribers!

Type #1

Hinged Rings

There’s two different styles when it comes to hinged rings. The first style would be crystal/opal hinged rings. This type of jewelry is either used for your helix, earlobe, or outer part of the ear. The reason it is used for these areas is because the crystals/opal are on the outer part of the ring so they can be visible. This type of jewelry has a hinged mechanism that opens and closes, kind of like a door but locks when you close it. The next type of hinged ring is a front facing crystal/opal hinged rings. This means that the crystals/opals are on the outside or the front part of the hinged ring. These types of hinged rings can only be used for the septum or daith. The reason is because the crystals/opal will only show in those areas.

Type #2 

Fixed Bead Ring

It's as simple as the name, it’s a ball attached to a ring. The way to open this jewelry is to grip the ring on both sides of the ball and twist towards you and against you. Also, because this jewelry is two different pieces, make sure you don’t put too much pressure on the ball or else it could pop off. This jewelry is very delicate and should be handled with caution.

Type #3

Seamless Ring

Just like a fixed bead ring the seamless ring is very similar just without the bead. The way to open this jewelry is to grip the ring on both sides of the small gap and twist towards you and against you.

Type #4

Daith Heart

The item above is similar to the seamless rings or  fixed bead rings,  because of the way it is opened. This jewelry is specifically for the daith. Since it opens from the top it does have to be installed from the bottom of your daith and twisted back. It's a tight area so it would be easier if you had a piercer install it for you. The crystals are placed on one side of the heart. So, when you purchase from our website make sure you choose the correct side your daith is pierced.

Type #5 


The next type of jewelry is a clicker, the reason it's called a clicker is because... yes you guessed it, because it makes a clicking sound. The clicker shown above is titanium clicker with Swarovski crystals. Clickers are typically used for your septum or daith, only those two places because of its mechanics and the design of it, is made for those parts. To open it, you want to grip the bottom and flip the top upward and  to close it you just push it down until it clicks.

Type #6

Rook Clicker

The rook clicker is kind of like a ring but it is shaped more like an almond. It's a very unique piece that you won't really find everywhere except for our website Lulus Body Jewelry. It mimics the same kind of look as a regular piece of rook jewelry But the difference is that there's crystals that cover the front.


Type #7


These earring are typically used for the ear lobes. Your open them by simply pulling them apart and close them by pushing them together. Huggies are unisex which means they can be worn by males or females. A lot of people do use these for their helix as well, if the size fits you can use it not a problem but it is personal preference.


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Kimberly Reis
Kimberly Reis

July 27, 2020

Love my rook clicker!! I would really like seeing it with other stones like maybe birthstones.

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