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Ear Stylist Johnny Shows You How To Mix & Match Earrings That Compliment Each Other

April 22, 2020 2 min read

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Trying to go for a certain style but can’t find earrings that compliment each other? Here’s how to mix and match earrings that compliment each other. 

Ear #1

14K Gold

So what we got here is something very different, Johnny decided to mix opal stones with crystals. Let’s start at the bottom of the ear and work our way up. The first piece we have is our14K Yellow Gold Crystal Moon, it’s fairly large but he feels like it’s meant for the lobe because of how big it is.  Next up the ear is our14K Yellow Gold Crystal Trinity, both pieces are fairly large so they flow well with each other. As far as the helix goes he decided to change things up a little bit by trying not to have things match up. He installed a14K 20G Yellow Gold Opal Fixed Bead Ring along with a  14K Yellow Gold Hoop. For the tragus piercing he decided to install a14K Yellow Gold Crystal Prong Top in 2.5mm and for the forward helix since it is a smaller area he went with a14k Yellow Gold Crystal Prong Top in 2mm. The center of the ear needed some attention so the next piece Johnny chose was for the daith which was a,14K Yellow Gold Front Gemmed Hinged Ring to complete this look.

Ear #2



 This ear is actually a lot different than the previous one. For starters we have added a rook piercing with ourSilver Titanium Prong Swarovski Zirconia Curved Barbell. To match the theme with the curved barbell he installed our Silver Crystal Drop Earring in the first set of ear lobe piercings. For the second set of ear lobe piercings, he decided to install aTitanium Stud Earring in 3mm. He took the next look to a triple helix towards the middle of the ear. The jewelry Johnny chose for these piercings are two of theTitanium Threadless CZ Prong Top and in the middle of those, two aTitanium Threadless Flower Top. This ear is simple and a lot different then the first and remember to purchase backings for the titanium and 14K Gold Tops.
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1 Response

Samantha Woodley
Samantha Woodley

July 16, 2020

Loving the gold!!! Absolute gorgeous! But i love the first lobe earring on the silver! I just recently got my snug done, do you have any models with other piercings on the ear with snug?

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