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5 Things To Know Before Getting A Nose Piercing

August 06, 2020 2 min read

 Want to get a nose piercing but still don't know if you should. Here are 5 things to know before you get a nose piercing.

Don't Get It If Your Sick

If you're sick we do not recommend getting this piercing because you will be in pain. When you're sick you constantly have to blow your nose and use a tissue. If you're constantly rubbing or touching the piercing it will cause complications like forming piercing bump on your piercing.

Clean Your Nose Out

Imagine being a piercer but having to clean someone else's nose out for them. Listen, lets try to make the piercer's job a lot easier and help them out with this step. Wouldn't you feel a little uncomfortable having a stranger clean your boogies out for you?

Start Off With A Stud

Throughout our experience we have noticed that people who get pierced with a hoop tend to get piercing/irritation bumps and have a longer healing period. The reason for this is because the hoop is constantly rotating it doesn't allow the wound to heal properly. If you get pierced with a stud there is less of a chance for a piercing/irritation bump, since it doesn't move as much as a hoop does. 

Don't Wear Makeup

Ladies! If you're getting your nose pierced we recommend that you don't wear makeup. If you decide to, we are just going to wipe that area off and you'll have a spot on your face missing makeup. If you want to look good while getting a nose piercing do a very light layer. Also, Remember after you get it done you don't want go and put makeup on because it will be sore and you don't want to catch an infection.


Yes, since a nose is pierced through cartilage it does take 6-8 months to heal. If you want to change the jewelry we recommend waiting out that time so you can prevent having any issues. Remember to also clean the inside and outside of your piercing, especially the inside because of little boogies that like to hangout. 



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