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5 Things I HATE About Helix (Cartilage) Piercings!!

May 27, 2020 2 min read

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Helix is the most popular ear piercing. Today we are going to be giving you 5 reasons on why we hate helix piercings.


The first reason why we hate helix piercings is because the healing takes too long. The healing time for a helix is typically 6-8 months but keep in mind if there's any sort of trauma during that time it might take longer. It can also swell up and be very irritated due to trauma.


Yes that is correct, you can't sleep on the side you get your helix. Sleeping on it causes trauma which will take longer to heal and give you complications. So if you decide to get a helix make sure you get it on the side you don't sleep on.

Can't Change Jewelry Right Away

A lot of people get a helix piercing and think it heals within a couple weeks but NO. A helix take 6-8 months to heal which means that you need to wait that long to change the jewelry out for something cute. If you change it out too early you can have complications and prolong the healing process.

 Gets caught everywhere

Yes, because of the location of this piercing it gets caught everywhere. This piercing tends to get caught on your hair, clothes, brushes, towels etc. If it gets caught constantly you will most likely have issues with it.

Over The Ear Equipment
With this piercing you can't wear over the ear headphone or helmets. The reason for this is because the constant pressure really irritates the piercing itself. You can try placing a band aid on it but it will most likely still irritate it.

Submersion in Water

You need to avoid pools, jacuzzis, the beach etc with this piercing. The reason is you have to give the piercing at least 3-4 month to heal for the most part and then get in a pool or the ocean. If you get in a week after gutting pierced, chances are you'll get an infection.

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Edwin Ted Isufi
Edwin Ted Isufi

June 24, 2020

I can relate with 1, 3 and 5 but, i had problem with sleeping on the side at first i changed the piercing about 2 months after i got it and till today i wear a titanium clicker, i have choosen the clicker because i happend to understand that actually the problem was not sleeping on that side, but the ball of the captive piercing. The 4th in my case happend only when i had long hair and i had to brush my hair but after some time you get used to the movement and the piercing position.

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