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5 Important Facts To AVIOD Before Your Next Piercing

May 07, 2020 3 min read


Do you have a new piercing but don't know to what to avoid? We're here to save the day and tell you what things you should avoid with a new piercing, so let's begin.

Piercing Guns
Most people get their piercings done with a gun at a young age but what most people don't know is that it's not good at all. Piercing guns don't pierce you, they use the earring and shove it through your ear which is called blunt forced trauma. With a gun piercing you can expect to have many complications, swelling, bumping, hypertrophic scarring and many more. Most low end piercing places will offer the gun piercing. Keep in mind that the piercing gun can't be sterilized properly so what ever the last person had, you most likely will have... think about it.
Improper Cleaning Solutions
Having the proper cleaning solutions for your piercing is the most important thing to invest in. You don't want to be using any lotions, creams, serums, alcohol, peroxide, etc. The only two solutions we recommend using are Saline Solution or the Antimicrobial Soap. Saline Solution is for sensitive skin but it still works great and you can buy it in mist form at and the Antimicrobial Soap is for people that may have infections or are close to reaching that state. There are a bit more steps to using the soap but it's still worth it in the end. So don't use anything too harsh for your skin.
Improper Jewelry Size
If you get pierced with the improper jewelry size it can cause a lot of complications like damage, irritation, stress etc. For example, I get a piercing and they use really short jewelry when they pierce it. Now, when you get pierced you want to pierce with one to two sizes bigger to compensate for the swelling. If you don't have room to compensate for that swelling the jewelry is going to sink into your skin  which can cause many complications and now you have to get it surgically removed.So make sure you go to a proper piercing studio like Lulus Body Piercing or do your research and make sure the shops have all the proper credentials before getting pierced there.
Low Quality Jewelry
Now the four types of metals you can possibly get and recommend to get pierced with are surgical steel, implant grade titanium, 14k or 18k gold white or yellow, and niobium. As far as ranking goes you have surgical steel which is the standard/simple option to go with. If you're more sensitive you can go with titanium, 14k or 18k gold, and Niobium. Prices will range more with the titanium and the golds. You want to make sure you get high quality jewelry. The reason you don't want to get low quality jewelry is because it can contain nickel and a lot of people have allergies to nickel and the nickel can cause many problems. Of course you don't want to put any junk in your body, if you're driving a Ferrari you're not going to put the crapy gas you're going to put the best gas. You can find the four jewelry qualities at
Switching Out Jewelry Too Soon
Now we deal with this a lot in our studio and with our online support. We mention this a million of times and we will mention it again if you switch out your jewelry too soon you're going to have a lot of complications. There are those people that say nothing happened to them when they switched it out too soon but they're that .001% of people that get lucky with that. For the general public and the majority of us once you switch it out too soon things will go south. You want to make sure you wait for the 6-8 month mark before switching out your jewelry. 

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