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5 Important Facts Before Getting A Conch Piercing

April 22, 2020 2 min read


Have you been wanting to get your conch pierced but don't know much about it? Here are 5 facts you should know before getting it pierced.

Fact #1


Never Start With A Ring

Yes folks, you might see it on many people. However, most people that have rings have already a  healed conch piercing or they’re using a cuff earring. So never start with a ring because it can lead to complications.

Fact #2


Switch To A Ring After It’s Healed

You want to wait anywhere from 6-8 months before you switch your conch piercing to a ring. In between those 6-8 months there’s going to be some downsizing involved but we will get into that later. You can definitely get the ring but you just need to be patient.

Fact #3 

Start With A Stud

When getting a conch piercing you want to make sure you start off with a lengthy piece of jewelry to accommodate the swelling. After a month or two we recommend downsizing the jewelry so it doesn't get caught onto anything but you still have room to clean it. 

Fact #4


Use Proper Size

  The ring size for a conch is anywhere from 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, and sometimes even 13mm. Sizing does matter depending on the size of the ear and the placement of the piercing. One thing we highly recommend is visiting your local piercer to have your conch sized properly before you purchase any  jewelry.

Fact #5

Don’t Sleep On Your Conch

Don’t ever sleep on your conch! When you have a fresh piercing and you sleep on it, the angle of the piercing will shift and you’ll have a wonky looking conch piercing. During your healing time make sure to visit your piercer so you can downsize and make sure the healing process is going well.

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